About us

Geiger village bakery was opened in Hasel by Fritz and Helene Geiger in 1954. In the first year Fritz Geiger started making and selling pretzel sticks. For a long time each pretzel stick had to be rolled by hand which meant an enormous amount of work. Since 1989 their eldest son Reinhard Geiger has been managing the bakery and continues pretzel stick production in the same way as his father. Today the pretzel sticks are produced and packed in state-of-the-art machines. In addition to the traditional pretzel sticks there are the little party sticks in various flavours. The pretzel sticks and party sticks are not only enjoyed with beer and wine in hostelries in the region but in the meantime they are well-known nationally. In addition to the pretzel sticks master baker and confectioner Reinhard Geiger also makes all other cakes and pastries typical for a bakery. The village of Hasel and Geiger bakery can be found in the southern part of the Black Forest, near the Swiss border. The idyllic village is famous beyond its borders for its dripstone cave, the so-called "Erdmann Cave" and is always worth a visit.

Reinhard Geiger